About Rupak Kumar Pandit

Rupak was born and raised in a musical family in Soest, Holland. His mother Mrs. Caroline Wittebol is a Dutch and an excellent Gypsy Violin player and his father Mr. Naresh Kumar Pandit is an Indian and a well respected Tabla Player and Senior disciple of the late legend of Banaras, Guru ji PT. Chhotelal Mishra.

Rupak started his journey with Tabla at very young age. Initially Rupak took basic training from his father, after that he became an official disciple of Guru ji PT. Chhotelal Mishra and took advanced training from him for several years.

After the death of Guru ji PT. Chhotelal Mishra, Rupak continued his training with Guru ji PT. Iswarlal Mishra and his son Mr.Dhananjay Mishra in Banaras, India and also from Mr. Sandip Bhattacharya in Holland.

Banaras Gharana

The Banaras style of Tabla is the last and latest of the 6 Style/Gharana’s. This Gharana is created most recently 200 year’s ago by PT Ram Sahai. It’s major influence is Kathak dance, and Pakhawaj. But the unique finger technique’s, influences of Kathak Dans, Pakhawaj, gives it a strong and thick sound. Also the repertoire of compositions such like Uthaan’s, Kaida’s, Gat’s, Fard’s, Paran’s, Tukra’s and so on is pretty much more developed to this matter.

Banaras Tabla players are known to adopt to any style of playing, weather it’s accompanying with vocal, string instruments, strike instruments, glide instruments or whistle instruments.